Though at first, it seemed a debatable topic to me, but during my years spent with people and studying their behaviour, I found that physical build is one of the many factors that influences and shapes overall personality and attitude of a person.

Taking an example of my own: I was very thin in my teens and though very few people said it in my face, I knew how they used to refer to me in my absence (I myself had heard it a few times!). Though I really didn’t give a damn to what others thought, in some way-or-other, my physique had an influence on me, I used to act shy around people, was a bit afraid talking to someone for the first time. Although I was above average in academics, I was socially shy, and because of that I won’t raise my hand and answer an open question until directly asked by teachers. Years passed by, and now when I look back I think I know why my world was very limited, I had few but not many friends (which I think was only good in many ways).

Over the years, I graduated and moved to a different city because I got an on-campus selection in an MNC. I had a lot of free-time before and after my office hours and influenced by bodybuilding videos on YouTube I went to a gym for the first time. Fast-forward to a few months later, my physique improved a bit (though not much!) and I experienced a change in the way I used to interact with the people around me. I was certainly more confident and was not shy in discussing my opinion with others. The change helped me a lot in my personal as well as professional life. I experienced that people had started to give more weight to my thoughts, they would listen well(not all of them although!). My thoughts were probably the same but the way in which I delivered them had changed, I had a newly found version of myself, and it was somehow related to it that I secured two promotions in a time-span of 12 months.

Bad attitude is like poison

My personal experience and what I have seen in others has only strengthened my feelings towards the influence of one’s physical self on other non-physical personality traits. I am not saying that it’s everything but it’s something that highly influences our attitude towards how we perceive other things in life. A table which I earlier wouldn’t have attempted to move just because it looked heavy, at least now I would give it a try, and who knows if I am actually able to do it. I don’t undermine my earlier self for not giving a try to displace the table, because at some point it looks like I was aware of my physical abilities, but I certainly associate value to my present attitude which would make me take an attempt, irrespective of the fact that my efforts may go totally waist.

I have read somewhere that you can change the way you are feeling by changing the way you dress-up or by adopting a new style for the moment. Our body is something that will remain changed for long, it’s more than a usual or occasional make-up, it’s something that we wear every day, even when we are asleep. We must take some time out to take care of ourselves, our physical and mental health. I have never heard that someone died because they spent 10-15 minutes exercising every day (Side-note: people do die even after doing exercises!). If you are skinny, try and put on some weight, work towards your desirable self; if you are fat, work towards losing a few pounds, work towards what you think will improve your personality, work towards what you think will improve your own perception of yourself.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. -John F. Kennedy

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