How your physique influences your personality?

Though at first, the overall topic seemed slightly debatable to me, during my years spent living in society and noticing our general traits and characteristics, I came to a conclusion that our physical build plays a significant role in shaping our overall personality and attitude.

By an example of my own: I am an introvert person and I get a little uncomfortable in large social gatherings but I do enjoy company of my close friends and families. Coming back to the point, when I look back at my teenage days, I believe my lean(basically thin) body was a special cause for my introversion. Mostly, because as a teenager, I wasn’t all strong and didn’t get heard well between the kids in school and neighbourhood (luckily, that’s not to say that I ever got bullied, or anything similar).

Over the years, I graduated in Computer Science and moved to a different city for employment in an IT company. During these days, I had some free time before and after my office hours, and I remember it to be a just another day, when I was binge watching YouTube and happened to check out some bodybuilding and other randomly inspirational videos. The impression of these videos was such that I got motivated enough to gather courage to hit the nearest gym for the first time (in life).

The process was exciting but it certainly wasn’t fun, at least initially. But, after a few months of self-struggle and breath-crunching exercises I had gained some muscle weight and my overall build had also improved a bit and I had started to experience a change in the way I generally interacted with the people around me. I was much more confident!

I wasn’t shy anymore in discussing my opinion with others. I got increased attention from everyone, and my thoughts in a discussion (though equally qualified as they were earlier) received much higher importance and were well-heard. This helped me a lot in my social as well as professional life. I had a newly found version of myself, and this change in my attitude quickly led me to the two promotions I received, in just about 12 months.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere.

My personal experience and of others around me has only strengthened my belief towards the influence of one’s physical self on their non-physical personality traits. I am not saying that physical is everything but it’s something that highly influences our attitude towards life and our being.

I don’t undermine my earlier self for not giving a try to displace a heavy table, because in backdrop, it looks like I was aware of my physical abilities. But I certainly admire my present attitude which would make me take an attempt, irrespective of the fact that my efforts may go totally waist and even unnoticed.

I have read somewhere that you can change the way you are feeling by changing the way you dress-up or by adopting a new lifestyle for the moment. Our body is something that will remain with us forever, it’s more than an occasional make-up, it’s something that we wear every day, even when we are asleep.

We must take some time out to take care of ourselves, of our physical and mental health. I have never heard that someone died because they spent 10-15 minutes exercising every day. No matter what shape you are in, start working towards what you think will improve your personality, work towards what you think will bring you closer to your perfect self.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy

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