Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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What is ROAS? ROAS v/s ROI

What is ROAS? ROAS v/s ROI

ROAS (Return on Advertisement Spending) is a calculated metric used to measure the overall effectiveness of advertisement spend. One can easily calculate ROAS by dividing the gross revenue generated from advertising...
How physique changes your personality

How your physique influences your personality?

Though at first, the topic seemed debatable to me, during my years spent co-living with people and noticing our general characteristics, I can conclude that physical build plays a significant role...
The One Minute Manager

#2: The One Minute Manager – Review

In continuation of achieving my target of reading "1 book every month" in 2017, I have managed to finish The one minute manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. I hope...
Who moved my cheese

#1: Who moved my cheese – Review

Well Well Well! As part of my target for 2017, I have decided to read a book every month and review it on my website. To all my friends who have...
What is Freelancing? Everything you need to know about it

What is freelancing? Things you should know

A Freelancer(in bold) is someone who is self-employed and is working for one or more clients at a time from their own desired workplace. A freelancer has the authority to decide the...
Ola Cabs Referral Code and Offers

Ola Coupons and Referral Code

Ola Referral Code: PRE0K0 If you are a new user to Ola, you may enter above code while signing up for the first time. This will give you a joining bonus amount of Rs. 50,...
20+ Reasons to start using Jetpack for WordPress

20+ Reasons to start using Jetpack for WordPress

Woohoo! And since you are here and reading about Jetpack, I am pretty sure that you will give it a try, if you are not using it already. Jetpack is a...
Why women live longer than men

This is why women live longer than men?

Have you ever wondered why Women live longer then Men? Following infographic explains that in the best possible way. Share it, if you agree with us 🙂
WhatsApp trick for bold, italic and striked messages

WhatsApp trick for Bold, Italic or Strike-through text as chat Message

Yes! you read it write, you can really style your WhatsApp chat messages as bold or italic or Strike-through. Though, the trick is very old now but it's never too old...

WhatsApp Introduces Desktop App

On Tuesday WhatsApp introduced there desktop app so that you can have a new way to stay in touch with your friends, anytime and anywhere - whether on your phone or computer...


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